Amphibians are a unique group of animals that inhabit every continent on the planet except antarctica. This means they come in all shapes and sizes to suit this wide range of habitats. There are a few things that link them all. All amphibians start life in a jelly-like egg. A larvae like creature hatches from this egg and as it grows goes through many changes, a process known as metamorphosis. This takes them from a very basic larval form through to their adult body. Amphibians have a hugely close relationship with water. Their eggs need to be moist if not fully submerged so therefore they often don’t stray far from a water source. Strangely enough with all this said Amphibians don’t need to drink water, at least not in the conventional sense anyway. Their skin is permeable meaning they can absorb water through their skin and rehydrate via their surroundings. As pets they make fascinating vivarium inhabitants, often being the centre piece of a planted bioactive vivarium.

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Based on 46 reviews
  • Got my first ever snake here!
    Got my first ever snake here! Full setup, loads of advice and help, no pressure to buy anything until I was readyand as my snake was a new arrival in the shop they kept him for 3 feeds and kept me updated on him so I knew I was getting a healthy animal. Now he's home with me in his viv that Tom advised me on. Even swapping out a part of an all in one kit for a better one in order to save me money and give my danger noodle the best start in his new life. Even now Tom is eager to see my boy grow and learn as he clearly cares about every animal he sells. If you're new to exotics like me I can't recommend him highly enough!
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  • Highly recommended!
    I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to the shop. Not only they have a vast collection of fish and reptilesbut huge array of equipment and everything you need to take your pet home the same day. Tom was super helpful and knowledgeable about the aquarium I wanted to purchase and guided through what I needed for the process. I must say the prices were really good compared to mainstream pets shops and always happy to help a local business. Highly recommended! Also good and safe COVID practice in the shop
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    Don Abeysekera
  • Very knowledgeable and friendly helpful service
    Always very well stocked, very knowledgeable and friendly helpful service, would not use anywhere else.Tom really knows his stuff on everything he sells. The best shop I've been to by far! Best place for sound advice and a friendly atmosphere, also very competitively priced.
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    Adam Jones
  • Great customer service and aftersales support.
    Great customer service and aftersales support. All the animals in stock look in well kept and maintained.I would recommend Ely Exotics to anyone. Our larest purchase, an orchid mantis.
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    Alf Cook
  • Very pleasant people
    Very pleasant people that seem to enjoy what they do. Nice range of what looks like well looked after stock.Would recommend.
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    Paul lavender
  • Lovely Clean Shop
    Lovely clean shop with a variety of stock, the owner is friendly and will answer all your quedtions
    Natalie Garner
  • Very friendly knowledgeable staff
    Very friendly knowledgeable staff with a well stocked store
    Mick Rush
  • Excellent shop with a good range of tropical fish
    Excellent shop with a good range of tropical fish, reptiles and invertebrates. Found Tom to be very helpful and knowledgeable without the hard sell which was appreciated.Would highly recommend a visit for all your reptile and fish needs from food of every kind to full set ups.
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    Martin Collins
  • An absolutely amazing shop
    An absolutely amazing shop that covers all bases! The staff are more than friendly and always happy to help.Gave me some very helpful tips and tricks when it came to buying my first aquarium. I will most certainly be coming back!
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    James Trense
  • Awesome place
    Awesome place, lots of fish and reptiles to see, absolutely lovely bloke, recently I've been heading down everySunday and picking up bits and bobs for my crested gecko tank and he's been going above and beyond for me, wouldn't go anywhere else now, definitely a place you wanna check out
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    Jack Garner
  • Great experience.
    Great experience. Great looking shop with lots of choice. Bought a couple of stick insects for the children.They are super excited about them.
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    Peter Kuell
  • Really helpful and welcoming staff
    Chose a lovely fish tank for my Mothers day present, great guidance for setting up, really helpful and welcoming staff,lots to choose from and knowledgeable advise when choosing the fish and husbandry. THANK YOU 5 *
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    Allison Tense
  • Absolutely a fantastic shop
    Absolutely a fantastic shop, everything you need and more, costumer friendly service extremely helpful definitelyrecommend a visit.
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  • Highly recommend Ely Exotics.
    I've been corresponding with Tom over email for a few weeks due to lockdown. I was looking to set up a dart frog terrarium and being newbies had no idea what was needed.He has been so helpful and answered any query I had. Finally had to opportunity to pop in and collect my complete terrarium set up and I can't fault the quality or price of my equipment. I would highly recommend Ely Exotics.
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    Clare Cook
  • Ely exotics is definitely the number one place to go. Quality of service is 100% Products are fairly priced andof very good quality. Their knowledge is amazing. You don’t feel silly for asking questions as they treat you with so much warmth and kindness. Please support this local business, I know I always will. Update! Purchased a new fish tank and crested gecko, I’ve called him Colin 🤣 He’s only a baby but so beautiful and so well cared for. Tom you are amazing and I highly recommend, again, Ely Exotics.
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    Lucie Twin
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